So that you can enjoy your jewellery for a long time, please avoid contact with perfumes, lotions, and water so no glam bathing, jacuzzi bubbling or spin class...

Many factors influence the wear and tear of your gorgeous jewellery. These include sweat, perfume, hairspray, alcohol and medicine consumption, body imbalance, stress and air pollution amongst others. 

In order to care for your jewellery properly, please read this section! It gives you the all the information you need if anything happens to your jewellery as well as the dos and don’ts of cleaing, wearing and storing! 

Katie Loxton

To keep your Katie Loxton scarves looking just as bright and colourful as when you got them, please HAND WASH ONLY! Popping them in the machine may be too hard for the gentle colours and beautiful sentiments. Don’t worry; you are able to take those pesky creases out with the iron! 

Keep a hold of your receipt, as long as it’s a manufacturing fault and not customer misuse, we willing to exchange any faulty products within a year of purchase.

Miss Dee

To keep your Miss Dee jewellery looking its best, please take into account the following care instructions;

Remove your jewellery before contact with water, moisture or during sport. Avoid contact with perfumes, lotions or sprays, which may cause the plating to fade. Use a dry cloth when cleaning your jewellery and avoid silver polish, soap or chemicals.

Store your Miss Dee Jewellery separately from other jewellery as contact with other types of metals may damage or discolour your jewellery.

Keep a hold of your receipt, as long as it’s a manufacturing fault and not customer misuse, we willing to exchange any faulty products within a year of purchase.


In the unfortunate event that your Orli item is faulty, please inform us immediately and we will be happy to arrange a replacement or refund within a year of purchase. 

Please note, avoid exposing your jewellery to water, perfume, sweat and chemicals, as this will wear down the surface and can destroy the stones setting. 

Joma Jewellery

To keep your Joma Jewellery looking fabulous please follows these simple steps! Avoid wearing Pilgrim while sleeping, showering, cleaning, and gardening or doing sports.

Avoid direct contact with perfume, make-up and other harmful chemicals. Crystals and leather products cannot withstand any form of chemical contact.

If your jewellery comes into contact with chlorine, perfume, hairspray or sweat, please clean it immediately.

Store your jewellery in a cold and dry place. Do not store in a bathroom as humidity can cause tarnishing.


It's best to store your jewellery un the orignial packaging. Store them separately from other items. Remove all items for sports and swimming. Please pay partiuclar attention to the use of chemicals such as perfume, hair spray, creams, soaps and lotions. This can affect the pH value of the skin and can lead to discoloration of leather and metal finishes. Tips and Tricks for your interchangable jewellery: Firmly tighten the top everyday to prevent loss. Please be careful and do not overwind it! Ensure the rubber stopper ring is clamped firmly between the top and the ring base. When changing a top, check if the rubber ring is still present and intact.