Qudo Royal Red/ Indicolite Stone Toppers

Where do we start with Qudo... Nearly 5 years ago, we heard from a small, up and coming jewellery brand. Boss Lady Lizzie saw something in it way back when interchangeable wasn't even an option in Qudo. From then on it has grown strength to strength for us and many other jewellery boutiques all across the UK & Ireland. We have so many Qudo Queens now and it's only just beginning! 

Need to know all things Qudo? Whether you are just about to start your collection or knee deep in stone toppers, we are always here to help give tips & tricks about all things Qudo!

Just about to start your collection? It can be overwhelming & exciting seeing all the toppers, bands & jewellery that can be swapped, changed & added to but why not take it in stages;

Check out our video to see how it works - https://www.facebook.com/cherry.soda.jewellery/videos/1956729417693088/

1. Let us find your size & help you select your favourite style of band... You have the option of thick, thin, sparkly and bobbly! You decide what suits you best and let us help you along the way! 

Qudo have created a phenom size range for all the lovely ladies out there! From size 48 to 64 in certain band styles... We are sure we can find a size for you! (Look for our ring size guide on our website to help you figure out what size you might be)

2. What colour are you looking for? For starting out we always say stick to safe, neutral colours... You always have time to go for a bright aquamarine or royal red! Think about getting the most use with anything you are wearing, usually the more NUDE the better! After many years of helping our lovely customers style their Qudo stacks & jewellery, we have found that; 

  • Crystal
  • Silk 
  • Vintage Rose
  • Rose Water Opal 
  • Rose Patina

Are the best sellers for first time Qudo Queens who are only just starting their collections! Not only does this give you something that goes with everything, they are easy colours to stack with when you add to your collection!

3. Find the threading and see what your very own creation & choice has brought you! The cutest interchangeable ring EVER. Once you start you can't stop... Trust us, we know better than anyone! 

Top Tip: Always make sure a "washer" is on the back of your Qudo stone - this means that the stone will stay in place on the band perfectly. PLEASE DO NOT play with the stone by twisting it on and off! We don't want you to lose any of your lovely stones! 

If you ever need help or have any questions, why not pop in the shop or drop us an email at: shop@cherrysodajewellery.co.uk . We are always here to help with any queries!!

We'll be back next week to talk more about some of the new colours coming in for A/W19. Stay tuned. 


The Cherry Soda Girls 


Courtney Davidson